Su Burnett

Su Burnett

Su Burnett, is an internationally renowned psychic, horse whisperer and animal communicator. She began her professional career in 2002, in Hong Kong, where she worked with racehorses and trainers and assisted dogs, cats and their humans, adapt to an urban landscape. While in Asia, she studied meditation, acupressure, Reiki and taught many healing workshops. She also travelled extensively and spent months doing acupressure and healing with elephants and other wildlife in Thailand, who were affected by the Tsunami.

Su now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and does phone consultations speaking to horses, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds, rabbits, goats and even raccoon, for clients globally. She is also an engaging, dynamic, amusing speaker who is currently presenting the Dr. Sulittle Tour to audiences in Canada.

Su has been recognized in the media for her abilities, The Lonely Planet’s TV series “6 Degrees”, The SCMP, RTHK Radio in Hong Kong, The Chiang Mai News, Thailand, Business Spotlight Magazine, Germany and ATV Breakfast Television and more recently on CBC News, in Nova Scotia.

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