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Rita and Phil

Phil and Rita Crosbie are SOUNDbeings, “the Gong People” as they are affectionately known by those who have experienced the power of their work. The Crosbies, who are passionate about the wellbeing of all living things, have a unique medical specialty–sound therapy.

Trained in Europe and the US and members of the Sound Healers Association, Phil and Rita have over 40 combined years of complementary and alternative medicine experience including Reiki [Master], Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Life Coaching and their real passion, Sound Therapy, which they have specialized in since 2006.

Phil and Rita were both born in Liverpool UK about 4 miles apart. Despite their proximity their lives took different routes. Their careers were in Government Service to help the public, Phil being a Detective Sergeant in the Police force [CID] and Rita a Senior Manager in Dept of Health and Social Security, Appeals Service, and Asylum and Immigration.

Phil had initially intended to be a journalist, and Rita a teacher, the latter forsaken to help with bills at home, although some years later picked up again, qualifying to teach 16+. Throughout their lives they have had a passion for learning and an interest in and awareness of, holistic medicine, spiritual matters, energy and the cosmos.

Rita was always aware of energies, and the connectivity of all things and had no idea this was an uncommon position until about 12 years old , after conversations with school friends and teachers, revealed this, as not being the “norm’ at the time.

Alongside her work from 1981, Rita continued her interest and study into all things holistic, spiritual and cosmic. She undertook training in Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and some crystal and colour therapy, and plant medicine. Whilst qualifying in and enjoying many of these modalities, she felt that there was still a “certain something ‘that was not yet complete. During all her healing work Rita played relaxing music and as time passed was drawn to make tonal sounds. Around 2000 she became aware of Sound Therapy, as a modality, whilst attending a wellness event in Glastonbury England, which Phil experienced a short time later and so began their passion, training and transformation by way of sound.

Phil’s interest in all things spiritual and energetic was given time to deepen when a serious motorbike accident left him unable to work for over a year. Although they both now lived some 11 miles apart, the universe guided them together in 2000, to a meditation group. During this time they continued to learn and develop meditative and energetic practices, make contacts and train in the UK and USA in new areas of healing modalities.

Both regularly incorporated holistic techniques in their respective, stressful and demanding workplaces and happily shared stress management techniques with colleagues and friends. Alongside their day jobs they also practiced different holistic therapies and began focusing on Sound around 2004.

Over the years they had independently held a love for Canada and had both, separately, looked into the possibility of emigrating in the 80s; however at the time circumstances prevented them both from pursuing that dream. In 2007, after spending 12 days in the Rockies with Jonathon Goldman on a Healing Sounds Intensive course, they took a trip to Nova Scotia before returning to the UK.

As the plane descended over Halifax, so did the feeling of contented familiarity. They both commented on how it felt like they were coming home although neither had ever been to Nova Scotia before. For both Rita and Phil, meeting Nova Scotia was love at first sight.

Between returning to the UK in August 2007 and May 2008 they had left their respective careers to pursue their dream. They went about filling in mountains of paperwork, got a house in Nova Scotia, sent all their belongings over the Atlantic in a container, said farewell to loving family and friends and came home to a country they had never lived in to be reunited with a family they had never before met. Once all the immigration was finalized they set up SOUNDBEINGS and joyously shared their skills and knowing, whilst continuing to learn and transform.

Phil and Rita are trained in Sound Therapy [Dip], are members of the International Sound Healers Association and both Reiki Practitioners. Rita is also qualified in Reflexology and Swedish massage. As well, she is trained in Aromatherapy, Crystal and Colour Therapy, Herbalism, and is a Life Coach.

When not immersed in sound work they grow vegetables, chop wood, row Long Boats, crew on a friends sail boat, read, write, paint, ride a motorbike, spend time with family and friends; volunteer at the local community centre and with Pet Projects, the local animal shelter. They are also recording a relaxation CD.

They live with 3 adorable rescue cats on the beautiful South shore of NS and work around the province with individuals, business’s, groups and schools, and hold workshops and events. They are doing what they encourage everyone to do which is follow their hearts and live their dream.


Sound Science Gong
“Sound Therapy is a new exciting field with the potential to completely shift our heath care paradigm and is boundless in its potential ramifications. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.” Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, Dir. of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, NY

Sound healing; What Is It and How It Works.

Throughout time and across all cultures, music and sound have been an integral part of ceremony and ritual and have played a significant role in the healing of humankind. In every cosmology and mythology, sound is a major link, the carrier wave between the world of spirit and the people of Earth.

Today, music and sound continue to be significant tools for healing. Whilst Sound healing is often heralded as a new modality, it is far from the case. Up until the onset of what is referred to as Modern Medicine some 150 years ago, sound healing was a recognized and integrated form of healing all around the world.

Chanting / singing / drumming / toning / music and sound have always played a part in ALL cultures across the planet to heal and soothe. Increasingly, healing practices employing sound and music, once validated only by custom or anecdotal support, are being confirmed by findings from a wide variety of scientific studies.

Although called sound therapy it is really as much, if not more, about the vibrational effect upon each person. As is evidenced through quantum physics, we are in fact a perfect and whole vibrational frequency comprised of numerous and varied frequencies created by each organ / cell and system, all combining to make a perfect harmony; that is when we are in balance.

Think of an orchestra, each section tunes to a different key and then when all are in tune, plays perfectly and harmoniously. In each section the instruments are sufficiently unique yet come into alignment within the desired key and have a distinct tone of their own, just like each one of us. This is not a new phenomenon by any means and sound is a natural and crucial part of our existence. In fact all vibrations have a sound, whether our ears can hear it or not. When we are healthy we are harmonious and in the English language we refer to this as being of “sound health”. This is no accident.

On the physical, sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure. This is a scientific fact. When we are in a state of health all these bodily parts are working together in harmony, creating an overall harmonic of health. If one of these parts begins to vibrate at a different rate, this is what we call disease.

In the Sufi lineage, it has been described in detail in the poems of Rumi, and the writings of Kabir and Hafiz. In the Western mystery schools it was revealed by Pythagoras, Socrates and Plato, to name but a few. These teachings describe a ‘souljourn’ that is laid out within the template of our own bodies and is therefore universal. It is a true science of sacred sound which is precise in its application, yet non-denominational in approach.

What Can I Expect From a Sound Healing Session?

Clients are bathed in cosmic and ancient frequencies that allow the cells to rebalance and re-harmonize. The sounds of the ancient tools we use, Planetary Gongs [i.e gongs tuned precisely to the frequencies of the planets] Didgeridoos, drums, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks and more, permeate the vibratory field of the individual on all levels; mental, emotional and physical.

The client usually finds the sounds relaxing and anti stressing; which in itself is a major contributory factor towards improving health and well being. When we are relaxed our immune system works more efficiently; blood pressure reduces, heart rate slows, endomorphins and autonomic nervous system processes and responsiveness to stress kick in.

On a deeper level the frequencies affect each individual on a cellular level. The vibratory effects oscillate and vibrate the cells encouraging the cell to release toxins and intake nutrients. Our clients are advised to drink lots of fresh water and avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours whilst their body adjusts to the detoxification that is taking place.

The audible sounds also affect brainwave activity and bring about a deep state of relaxation often resulting in deeper sleeps, greater clarity and heightened creativity. Each session is a unique and transformative experience and has been shown time and again to have profound and lasting effects on the mind, body and spirit.

The Role of Quantum Physics ~ Our Body and the ‘Field’

Quantum physics is beginning to catch up to what the ancients always knew; that is that the universe and all therein contained, is made up of energy. Solidity is an illusion. As all matter is merely energy, resonating at a frequency that allows our frequency to interact with it and perceive through our senses, thereby imagining that energy, to be a solid form.

Quantum physics is the newer science of how the universe “works” and it is based upon the whole Universe being a creation made out of energy. In contrast, the outdated version of how the Universe worked, Newtonian physics, emphasized the role of matter as separate from energy.

In the old Newtonian physics version of life, cells are made out of pieces of matter (molecules) and could only be influenced by other pieces of matter (molecules such as hormones or drugs). The newer insights on molecules offered by quantum physics reveals that molecules are units of vibrating energy that can be influenced by both matter and invisible energy waves (harmonic resonance). Constructive interference (i.e., good vibes) and destructive interference (i.e., bad vibes) can control the movements of protein molecules.

Since life is derived from the movement of protein molecules, then it’s understandable how energy fields influence life by causing molecules to change shape [Dr. Bruce Lipton PHD, Cell Biologist / Geneticist and author] Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of the books “The Biology of Belief” and “Spontaneous Evolution” is no flighty New-Ager. Earlier in his career he worked as a cell biologist and professor at the National Institutes of Health, Stanford and the University of Wisconsin among others. It was actually the experience of scientifically cloning cells that convinced Lipton that the way we view healing [in allopathic medicine] is incorrect.

“Originally, science thought that atoms were made up of smaller particles of matter (electrons, neutrons, and protons), however modern physicists found that these subatomic particles were actually immaterial energy vortices (resembling nano-scaled tornados). In truth, atoms are made out of energy and not physical matter. So everything that we thought was physical matter is in reality made up of focused energy waves or vibrations. Therefore the whole Universe is actually made out of energy, and what we perceive as matter is also energy. The collective energy waves of the Universe, which might be referred to as “invisible moving forces,” comprise the Field.

While quantum physics recognizes the energetic nature of the Universe, biology has never really incorporated the role of invisible moving forces in its understanding of life. Biology still perceives of the world in terms of Newtonian physical molecules, pieces of matter that assemble like locks and keys. Biochemistry emphasizes that life functions result from the binding of physical chemicals similar to an image of puzzle pieces plugging into each other.

Such a belief insists that if we want to change the operation of the biological machine then we must change its chemistry. This belief system emphasizing “chemistry” leads to a healing modality that focuses upon the use of drugs…allopathic medicine. However, conventional medicine is no longer scientific in that it still emphasizes the Newtonian idea of a mechanistic world and does not recognize the role of the invisible moving forces that comprise the world of quantum mechanics.

It is necessary that biology incorporate an understanding of ‘energetics’ and energy fields because energy waves profoundly influence matter. A great quote by Albert Einstein states: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.” Einstein is saying that the invisible forces (the Field) are responsible for shaping the material world (the particle).

To understand the character of a person’s body or health, one must consider the role of the invisible energetic field as a primary influence. The problem is that conventional medicine has not really acknowledged that the field even exists, although the “influence of invisible moving forces” has been demonstrated in published scientific articles for over fifty years.

The conventional model of medicine based upon Newtonian physics has provided for miracles such as heart transplants and reconstructive surgeries. However, conventional allopathic medical sciences do not know how cells actually work and are still inappropriately emphasizing the role of genes in controlling our lives and health issues.

Medical science focuses its attention on the physical body and material world and they have completely ignored the role of quantum mechanics. Once medicine starts to understand and acknowledge the influences of energy fields as important influential determinants they will then have a more realistic picture of how life works. Simply stated, conventional medicine alone is not truly scientific in that it does not invoke the Universal mechanisms recognized by quantum physics.

For us [SOUNDBEINGS] this is akin to science thinking the earth was flat until they were happy with the proof that it wasn’t. In the same way that just because in the main stream, tools aren’t available to measure all the frequencies talked about, doesn’t make those frequencies any less real or influential.

We have no doubt many doctors and scientists will readily accept quantum physics; as the evidence is irrefutable. It is the subsequent translation and application into medical practices and principles that then will completely evaporate all that was once heralded as the truth.

What Other Great Minds Are Saying About Sound Healing

Dr Mitchell Gaynor; Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center. Author of “The Healing Power of Sound: Recovery from Life-Threatening Illness using Sound, Voice and Music”

“Sound healing is one of the oldest, if not the oldest forms of healing on this planet and up until the onset of “modern medicine” about 150 years ago was considered normal and used regularly and effectively. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder”.

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being then we understand that sound is “heard” not only through our ears but through every cell in our body.”

Gaynor reminds us that the human body is 90 percent water; the perfect medium for carrying sound.

Fabien Maman; Musician, composer, acupuncturist, author, researcher, teacher, “bio –energetician. Fabien explored and documented the influence of sound waves on the cells of the body in the early 1980s. He and Helene Grimal studied the effects of low volume sound (30-40 decibels) on human cells. They mounted a camera on a microscope where they had placed slides of human uterine cancer cells; and then proceeded to play various acoustical instruments (guitar, gong, xylophone as well as voice) for periods of twenty-minutes, while they observed the effects on the cells

“The structure quickly disorganized. Fourteen minutes was enough time to explode the cell when I used these. The vibration of sound literally transforms the cell structure. Later, as I worked in sound research, utilizing experiments with cells under the influence of sound, I realized the importance of the quality of the harmonics and how different it is between these two sources of sound (acoustic versus synthetic) when it comes to measuring the impact of resonance into human cells.

I discovered that the real power of using sound for healing resides only in the harmonics, not in the sound itself. We discovered that the human voice and gongs are 2 of the most significant harmonic healers, having success with cancer patients.”

Alfred A. Tomatis; Early 1950’s French physician

Dr. Tomatis found that certain sounds enhanced or drained the brain’s energy. Working with a diverse array of aural stimuli [a mother’s voice, Gregorian chants and classical music], Tomatis reversed learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders in his young patients.

Dr. Raymond Bahr, M.D; Director of coronary care at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, sound researcher, author

Dr. Bahr discovered that 30 minutes of music therapy produced the same effect as 10 milligrams of Valium on critical-care heart patients. “We know that sounds are stimulating and we also have the technology to be able, in fact, to recharge people with them.”

Services Forks

No surprise, we are living in increasingly demanding times where there is more pressure on us than ever before to be creative, to perform, deliver and excel. We’re constantly bombarded with stimuli coming at us from every angle which significantly compromises our ability to feel, think and act. Too many hours of high stress living, poor eating, auto-piloting through life, brings about everything from mild depression to extreme anxiety disorders and all forms of illness in between.

Whether you’re a small business or a multi-National and regardless of your industry, the health and well-being of your people has a direct and sweeping impact on the overall health and productivity of your business. Wouldn’t it be great to give back to those who give so much of themselves to your organization? To assume an active role in helping to establish a culture of wellness, respect and creativity within the work place? What if people were happier, healthier, better nourished from a holistic stand point…can you imagine the effect this would have on overall productivity and workplace dynamic? Pretty profound, indeed.

Or maybe you’re getting married or graduating, arranging a holiday event or perhaps a retreat or conference [company or private] or looking for a unique act for a fair or festival; maybe it’s your responsibility to find the entertainment for a gathering, concert or reunion… whatever the event or occasion, the SOUNDbeings offer an array of unique services geared towards individuals, businesses, schools and special events of all variation.

Working with you to identify your specific requirements we can design a package that’s customized just for you. Create an event that people not only talk about but deeply benefit from, for years to come…Get GoNgEd!


Support your business by supporting your people.

SOUNDbeings have many years of senior management level experience and know first-hand the significant balancing act required to deliver quality and consistency in business while dealing with high absentee rates and a demoralized work force. The Crosbie’s have a proven track record of significantly improving performance and reducing absenteeism by helping individuals become healthy and balanced; effectively creating an efficient, creative and productive work force.

~ Effective stress reduction and management techniques. Understand what causes stress, its effects on health and mental attitudes and learn easy, effective techniques to reduce and eliminate contributing factors and learn to bring calm and balance to any group or situation.

~ Empowerment techniques. Support yourself and others by learning how to embrace and nurture your health and wellbeing in new and comprehensive ways. Develop greater awareness and confidence that is then able to be reflected back into the workplace and home life.

~ Business improvement, project management skills and facilitation techniques. Working with you to identify process improvements, efficiency savings and help transition through change programs. SOUNDbeings have significant experience introducing and managing change programs on a departmental and / or national scale.


Whether you’re a group, school, sports or work team let us help you design an event that is sure to bring about positive and lasting results.

~ Effective stress reduction and management techniques. Understand what causes stress, its effects on health and mental attitudes and learn easy, effective techniques to reduce and eliminate contributing factors and learn to bring calm and balance to any group or situation.

~ Improve focus, drive and stimulate positive mental attitudes.

~ Interactive sessions are excellent for sports teams and any other team delivering a shared goal. [Government, health care workers, military, businesses, etc.]

~ Pupils benefit by learning stress management and relaxation techniques; assistance in coping with pressures at home and school and exam and interview preparation.

~ Learn about the science of sound. Its historic applications, how it works today, technological advancements in health and healing using vibration and sound, learn to use it as a group to clear blocks, focus goals, set intentions. Let it bring you together as a group in ways you never thought possible.


We call it a ‘Gong Bath’ but really what it is is an odyssey into sound and vibration like you’ve never experienced before!

Whether you’re an event coordinator, promoter, producer or just that lucky soul left in charge of arranging the ‘entertainment’ for an event, do we have truly a unique experience to offer you and yours…. You’re guests will never forget this!

The SOUNDbeings offer what they call a ‘Gong Bath’, which is unlike any experience you’ll ever have with sound. A Gong Bath typically lasts between an hour to an hour and a half and is much like experiencing a sonic blast that permeates your body, mind and energy field.

Each Planet Gong is attuned to the frequency of that specific planet which then corresponds to the same frequency that exists within our own energetic field. The vibrations that are emitted by the planet gongs when played, permeate your being; removing emotional blocks, clearing belief systems, healing damaged or compromised biology, centering, invigorating and unifying mind, body and soul.

Without becoming too esoteric or dramatic about it, a Gong Bath is like meeting yourself at a cellular level and feels like experiencing the Universe and your own Divinity first hand… and no, that’s not an exaggeration!

Gong Baths are perfect for any gathering where you wish to cultivate an undercurrent of mindfulness and focus. This is an incredibly powerful way of setting intention for meetings, retreats, celebratory events, concerts, lectures, conferences, etc.

For your next event, consider a Gong Bath to set the tone and carry the intention long after the event has concluded.