Representation & Event Production

Artist Representation

Ground Control has been representing artists and helping facilitate creative live events and productions since 2004.

Creative types often have an un-easy relationship with self-promotion making ‘reaching out’ a challenge. Often creative endeavors go ‘un-experienced’ simply because those involved don’t have the time or man power to dedicate towards promoting and marketing themselves and / or their product, project or event. That’s where Ground Control loves to play!

AGC has always had a knack for bringing people together in supportive ways and nurturing creative unions. We are continually on the lookout for those inspired individuals who have good ideas and who are looking to introduce those ideas to the marketplace. Music, the performing arts, illustration / graphic design, health & wellness, the environment, personal development and spiritual inclinations are all areas in which Ground Control has experience in helping build connections and pathways within.

Working closely with the individual to understand their creative aspirations, as well, understanding the dynamics of each specific project, Ground Control acts as marketer, promoter and liaison between artist and management, booking agent, promoter, sponsor, etc. AGC is dedicated to seeking out and establishing the most compatible and fertile relationships possible between artist, industry and audience.

Facilitating optimum introductions and opportunities for artists of all disciplines!