In-Vision Lectures & Specialty Presentations

In-Vision Lectures

Why do we do what we do? as an attempt to address that one, intrinsic question that burns within us all …

[Truth]: How do we find it, know it and live it? Is Truth subjective, objective, relative or absolute? Is it by definition something that must be proven with hard evidence or is it merely something that is agreed upon by a certain group or culture? Or is the predicate ‘Truth’ even less than that—nothing but an expressive convenience? Is truth final, and static, or evolving and dynamic?

Perhaps it stands to reason that humanity’s compulsion to conclusively define the term gestures toward something intrinsic within us all; a need to question our reason for being in the world, an ancient yearning that stokes an internal flame burning for a conclusion, a quiet conscience that communicates from the empyrean in a whisper and is heard solely through the heart.

So the question is inevitable: where is the light of Truth in today’s world? In a world that aches from the pain of suffering, where war and violence are sold as the solution to oppression and tyranny, where the environment is the unsuspecting victim of fiscal mandates and corporate agendas, tabloids tell us what is news and the news dictates what we fear, where religion maligns the sanctity of spirit and makes mockery of devotion… How does one establish what is ‘True’ in such perplexing times?

Answer… By having the courage to seek, the dedication and compassion to share and the humility to learn. When we choose to live life consciously and employ our innate human qualities of compassion, humility, willingness, courage, respect and love, this powerful combination applied earnestly bestows guidance and ensures lasting vision.

In-Vision Lecture Series

In-Vision Lecture Series

The In-Vision Lecture Series was conceived in response to a movement. A movement of mind and spirit that urges us towards greater government and corporate transparency, environmental responsibility, individual connectivity and global community.

The Series combines education, entertainment and pure excitement and hosts innovative individuals. Authors, academics, entrepreneurs, activists, musicians, entertainers and visionaries alike, come to share their wisdom and ideas about how to heal our past, renovate our present and sire a vibrant future for all.

An In-Vision lecture promises to provide an engaging consideration of what we propose to be ‘true’ about today’s social, political, environmental, ethical, economic and spiritual systems and constructs. The series is designed to question what we think we know, propose what is possible and positively empower.

It is our belief that in order to change the world we must foster a new appreciation toward ourselves and the earth. We need to encourage discussion and not shy away from debate. AGC is committed to presenting topics that are relevant to today’s world. Dedicated towards presenting innovative concepts aimed at personal and global transformation through co-operative, peaceful and sustainable means. An In-Vision presentation promises to provide a myriad of opportunities to evolve in ways that ultimately help to facilitate a fertile future for us all.

We can architect a new world; a world based on inclusiveness and appreciation for our commonalities and the planet if we engage our hearts, expand our minds and allow for deeper understandings to emerge and greater truths to unfold.

In-Vision Specialty Journeys & Presentations

In-Vision Specialty Journeys

It appears that in the 21st Century we are experiencing a fundamental disconnect; an accelerated loss of personal and communal responsibility and a declining appreciation for the sacred; leaving us feeling fragmented, unfulfilled and alienated. Greed, hyper-consumerism, inflation and conflict have sadly become the norm. There is urgency for us all to recognize that how we think and what we do to each other and to the earth has profound and lasting effects on the whole.

In-Vision Specialty Journeys and Presentations are adventures that offer life-changing opportunities to re-connect to you and to the world in new ways. The journeys allow us to travel the world and commune with nature in ways that most of us will never have the opportunity to do so. In-Vision Journeys are about bringing people together in natural environments and introducing them to new ways of perceiving themselves and the world around them; setting the stage for authentic communication and personal evolution.

Whether you’re interested in a journey of self-discovery, healing or spiritual transformation, at the heart of every Specialty Journey and Presentation are incredible people dedicated to their own personal metamorphosis.

Each trip is the perfect mix of cultural and geographic exploration, outdoor adventure, sacred ceremony, and personal time.  Trip leaders are handpicked based on their expertise and knowledge of the ‘destination’ and each trip leader is joined by the best local guides available, many of whom are well known for their environmental, social or spiritual work / causes.

Atlantic Ground Control Inc. has a deep reverence for the many and varied non-profit organizations around the world who are dedicated towards healing people and planet. Each one working towards the propagation of human equality, social justice and the nurturing of a new kind of global consciousness. Sharing in a vision of hope and possibility, these organizations work towards ensuring that outcome. Wherever possible, AGC finds real ways to give back to these agencies by broadening awareness via Specialty Journeys and by donation via Journeys and Presentations.

Best of all, you will be sharing these amazing adventures with groups of like-minded travelers. Through experiential adventures and holding space for personal revelation each journey will provide participants with opportunities to expand their consciousness and connect with the world in ways that are organic, sincere and unified.